We help small businesses succeed.
Thigy is a boutiqe digital consulting company based in

Johannseburg, helping small businesses achieve success online.

Proudly created over 350 beautiful websites since 2011.


Thigy is a boutique digital branding agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide professional branding solutions that are tailor-made to any business. Our loyal clientele speak for our success in bringing nothing but the very best!


The backbone of our success has been our motivated and dedicated team that is more than willing to go an extra mile to deliver quality and custom approach to any project thrown at us.

Alex, Founder / Project Lead

Alex is a brainchild and founder of Thigy. His inspirational leadership and guidance has brought us this far in a very little time. He is not only an entrepreneur and an investor but also an internet visionary who has proven his mettle for years. It was his personal skills and ideas that led way for Thigy to succeed. With numerous achievements under his belt, Alex’s proficient management and problem solving has been our beacon to follow. We owe our success to our Founder, without whom Thigy would have never been possible.


Taylor, Creative Designer

It takes more than just an idea to achieve success. Our Lead designer, Taylor has provided us with her creative expertise to make Thigy possible. She is an expert designer in our team and has been working for Thigy and our subsidiary operations. She is an expert designer and has relevant experience in Corporate, Fashion, Food and Beverages, Tradeshow, Real Estate, Fashion, Politics, Theatre, Financial and other special events.



Boutique digital services without the cost of hiring large web agencies.

Creative Web Design & Development

Thigy, aims to make your online presence simpler, easier, less time consuming and efficient! Organizations today, due to immense competition aim to make their operations not only effective but most importantly efficient. This is what Thigy does for you! We provide online solutions ranging from customized websites to software and web applications.


Design & Branding

Kick start your business with branding that reaches your customers. From concept to reality, Thigy assures the best branding solution for your business. We offer retail store designs, logos, print packages, corporate entity designs and much more. Our team is at your dispense to give you nothing but the best!


Social Media Management

Having a social media presence is as important as having a website. In recent times, social media has become the best interactive tool available for businesses. We provide social media management for all kind of businesses. Our media experts are the best for your digital branding. Our thinkers provide custom strategies to suit your audience and engage as many potential customers as possible. Expand your business reach across the globe with Thigy.


Internet Marketing & Strategy

Your business can never succeed if you don’t have the correct audience and reputable presence. Our marketing specialists provide excellent solutions for bringing your audience to you. Our internet marketing and strategy is proven and tested over time. With our strategic partners, Thigy gives you the best internet marketing services that not only creates a brand following but also bring in the right audience.


Trust us! We got 4 years experience in the web industry.


Thigy has worked for various clients and organizations. Find below some of our proud exhibits.

Architectural Design

Forging Steel

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